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February 9, 2013
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1. You sing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” soprano.
2. You sing “The Kinslayer” while skipping.
3. You don’t have window hangings because you made some Tarja’s outfits for yourself from them.
4. You don’t eat bananas. You sing to them.
5. You say ‘Kiitos’ instead of ‘Thank You’.
6. You can dance Anette’s ‘tribal dances’
7. You’re scared of barbers.
8. You pin your hair on your chin and play Marco.
9. You can whisper ‘Etiäinen’ lyric and you’re not Finnish.
10. Your alarm clock plays ‘Master Passion Greed’ chorus.
11. You’ve visited The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome to see The Angel Of Grief statue from ‘Once’ cover.
12. You learn Lakota language to find your Indian name.
13. You scream PERKELE! Very often.
14. You’ve read aaaallllllllll The Dark Tower books because Tuomas wrote a song inspired by this.
15. You wear at least 10 bracelets on each wrist.
16. You want to see where the sirens sing, hear how the wolves howl and sail the dead calm waters of the Pacific.
17. You write in a Nightwish font at school.
18. You can play the intro of Nemo on glasses or telephone keypad… or on anything.
19. You see a lonely tree on the hill, you’re taking photo of it and trying to make your own version of Angels Fall First’ cover.
20. You wear striped stockings and sneakers.
21. When someone says ‘sahara’ you start yodeling “Heyah-ueiei-eiah-ah!”
22. You’re spending all nights trying to understand Tuomas’ lyrics.
23. and you understand them.
24. You’re obsessed with Finland.
25. You stubbornly try to learn Finnish.
26. You play Tarja while yawning.
27. You wear cowboy hat and a suit.
28. You wear socks with sandals and you think it’s cool.
29. Tuomas is your god and his songs are your prayers.
30. You visit Anette’s blog 20 times a day.
31. You’ve played drunken Uno.
32. You draw comics about NW.
33. When you hear ABBA you think “Anette”
34. You “hep hep” even if Anette doesn’t “hep hep”
35. You see Anette from Storytime video in your nightmares…
36. …and Tuomas from 1996.
37. You have painted a tribal tattoo on your right arm (with marker of course) and you wear black bandanna.
38. You’re a friend of Mr Finlandia on Facebook.
39. You’ve heard Emppu’s voice.
40. You eat sausages in every country you visit.
41. You know that Emppu isn’t a human… He’s the Ring bearer.
42. You know who’s in your cooler drinking your beer…
43. You know exactly how big is the difference between Tuomas’ and Emppu’s height.
44. You knew that Emppu has a twin brother.
45. There can be only two causes of global warming: Emppu’s smile or… Jukka’s forehead.
46. Marco Hietala is not just one organism. His beard lives it’s own life.
47. You know the lyric of the famous song by Hietala and Laiho.
48. Instead of saying ‘Floor’ you use the translation of her name in your language (or if your language is English…Then you call her Ceiling).
49. You know who is very good at judo in Nightwish.
50. You can sing Marco’s “My my cock cock sucking my cock sucking taste” song.
51. You LOVE Disney’s classics.
52. Your greatest dream is to play piano “The Heart Asks Pleasure First” or you play it every day.
53. You want to dye your hair red cause you know Tuomas loves gingers…
54. You’ve seen Tuomas singing on you tube.
55. …and you’re still alive.
56. …and you liked it.
57. You wear a top hat.
58. …in summer.
59. You “feel good feelings“ and you know where is this sentence from.
60. You want to buy a Husky dog and name it Wolf.
61. …and your daughter’s name will be Meri.
62. You worship The Holy Beard.
63. Your English teacher says you have a Swedish accent (even if you’re not Swedish).
64. You don’t say “forever” and “voice“. You say “foriver” and “woice”.
65. You know where “Taikatalvi” title is from.
66. You always think about Tuomas when you see Donald Duck.
67. You think about Anette every time you see clothes with skulls.
68. You know that first verse of “Rest Calm” came from “The Talisman” by Stephen King
69. …and “These are Territories I live for” (“Song of Myself“) as well.
70. You know Tarja has a baby
71. And it’s a girl
72. And her name is Naomi ^^
73. You know who Mr Chupacabra is.
74. You don’t believe there was a time when Marco was beardless
75. …you’re sure the pictures were photoshopped.
76. You know who Sami Vänskä is.
77. You know who always uses this emoticon  ;= )
78. You know who is a vegetarian in the band.
79. You know Kotiteollisuus and you’re not Finnish.
80. You know what “The Myötähäpeä” was.
81. You know why they named their album “Once” :D
82. You’ve seen the “Large Angel”
83. You’ve seen Tuomas playing saxophone
84. …and Emppu’s guitar.
85. …And Jukka playing Tuomas’ keyboard.
86. You know the name of Marco’s newest bass guitar (the one from Imaginaerum tour)
87. You know who’s hobby is photography.
88. You remember Tarja with short hair.
89. You’ve watched the “10 minutes of Anette’s Squealing pigs” video to the very end.
90. You’ve seen Marco turning off the light using only his voice.
91. You’re still trying to find the famous “big black dot” photo without the big black dot  xD
92. You know who Arska is.
93. You know who’s Tuomas’ girlfriend.
94. You remember Tuomasdinho.
95. You watched “Wishmaster misheard lyric”
96. …and you can sing it.
97. You remember Tuomas and Tero wrestling.
98. The moments from the videos you remember the best are “EVER dare” in Amaranth, “Nemo my name forevermore” in Nemo and Anette with "that face" from Storytime.
99. You know the song “Kiteen Pallo” (old and new version)
100. You sing “Erämaan Viimeinen” on concerts when they’re playing “Last Of The Wilds“.
:iconlarryplz: First hundred.
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runenstein Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Floor in German would be Boden xD "Boden Jansen" sounds awesome, doesn't it? xD 
BriansGurl89 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student Writer
ABBA and Nightwish? 
TheEltanin Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
Please, not sandals and socks!!!! :D
MaweirdCollections Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Now I feel guilty :''D
EvanescentOceans Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yesssss! I am XD (actually I don´t have a daughter... so far) but for your next list- have you seen Marco´s ass without his pants?
  And btw, for your mom- Tuomas is perfect even with those scars or whatever on his cheeks 
Oceansoul7777 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have seen his ass of course xD and Tuomas' surprised face next to him xD
Tuomas is perfect and those scars are sexy :3 My Tuomasholism has 6 years and I'm trying to forget about him now.

EvanescentOceans Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Tuomas´  face next to him?! Wait... I only know that "Ass.Scene" from Drunken Uno.... Where do you know that from?? 
  Six years OMN this is... quite long XD
Oceansoul7777 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean this photo
Yeah, I know Drunken Uno xD of course.

Yeah, I went through all stages of Tuomasholism... it was very hard :) Now I'm on rehab xD
EvanescentOceans Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Good luck for your rehab :D 
  Hey does Tuomasholism also include days /weeks of crying? Because I´m going through that right now for 2 months and its not that great....
  BTW thanx for that great pic :D Where do you find that stuff?
Oceansoul7777 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
2nd month? That's gonna be difficult :hug: 
Yes, crying, being extremely jealous of Johanna Kurkela, drawing his portraits, crying over his beauty, writing poems about him, learning everything about him, learning everything about his family, listening to music he likes, not being able to watch his interviews because it hurts... that's all tuomasholism. Being sure he's the most beautiful, perfect human being on this planet, thinking he's the cutest baby ever, being obsessed with his eyes, with his hands, with his voice, with his smile, thinking he's the sexiest beast on the Earth. Yeah... There's a lot more :)
Why are you crying because of him?

No problem. I have a lot of NW photos, I've been collecting things over 6 years so if you need something like an info or photo or video, just ask ;)
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